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A Family Owned Business Since 1993.


Capital Asphalt

30 Years of Landscaping Service In Ottawa

A process of designing, installing, and maintaining outdoor living spaces and environments. It involves a range of activities, such as site analysis, design planning, site preparation, grading, installation of hardscape features (such as patios, retaining walls, and driveways), installation of softscape features (such as plants, trees, and sod), irrigation and drainage systems, and ongoing maintenance services.

Professional Landscaping Team

The Best Landscaping Services In Ottawa

At Capital Asphalt, we’re dedicated to consistently going above and beyond for every one of our clients. Our ability to provide exceptional landscaping services in Ottawa has contributed to the reputation we currently enjoy. Our skilled landscaping team is capable of taking on any of your landscaping needs. You can always count on us to service your home or business to the highest standards.

Paving, Paving Contractor and Hardscape Service
Paving, Paving Contractor and Hardscape Service
Paving, Paving Contractor and Hardscape Service
Paving, Paving Contractor and Hardscape Service

We supply and install a variety of different landscape materials to compliment your project.

Professional Landscaping Services In Ottawa


Excavation is the process of removing earth or other materials from a site in order to uncover artifacts, fossils, or other evidence of past human or geological activity.


A patio is an outdoor space, typically paved or made of stone, that is used for dining, entertaining, or relaxing.


Gardens can provide a tranquil and peaceful sanctuary, allowing individuals to reconnect with nature and enjoy the benefits of fresh air, exercise, and stress relief.

Laneway Regarding

Laneways can serve as important urban corridors that connect residential areas, provide access to services and transportation, and offer unique opportunities for community building and creative placemaking.


Fences are structures that are commonly used to enclose and define outdoor spaces, providing privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal to residential and commercial properties alike.

Retaining Wall Structures

Retaining wall structures are engineered barriers that are designed to hold back soil and prevent erosion, often used in landscaping and construction projects to create flat terraces on steep slopes and provide stability to foundations.